Kidney Transplant Preparation

A kidney transplant is the replacement of a permanently damaged organ with a healthy, donated kidney.

Before patients can receive a transplant, they must have a sum of tests done to ensure that they are in optimal health before the operation. It may be necessary for temporary dialysis to prepare you for the transplant in the case of a living donor. Not all patients qualify for a transplant.

There is a significant shortage of donated organs, and there is, therefore, a waiting list of selected patients. This waiting period can be very stressful.

The best transplant results are obtained if a parent or relative donates their kidney. Special examinations and tests are done on the donor and recipient before a decision is made.


A transplanted kidney may in some cases not word immediately and therefore, and dialysis may be needed for a short period after the operation.

There is also the possibility that the body can reject the organ.

To avoid rejection, it is required of you, and it is your responsibility, to take your medicine as prescribed.

A kidney transplant is one of the options that can be taken to ensure the continuation of a healthy life.