Support Structure

How do you live with Dialysis?

All the members of your family are affected by your renal condition. Due to your illness, it may be necessary for the family to assume certain responsibilities until your health improves. It may be difficult to accept your condition, especially for a very independent person.

Communication is of vital importance. Share negative emotions and thoughts with family, friends and the medical team. It will make living with dialysis easier.

It is important when you feel better to resume your daily activities to ensure the quality of a normal life, e.g. returning to work. This is possible and very necessary for one’s survival.

A chronic illness, like renal failure, can have an effect on your sexual desire. For men, impotence and failure to maintain an erection may cause problems. Women may have difficulty in being stimulated.

Males and females may experience a decrease in sexual drive and this can cause tension in your sexual relationship. It is therefore crucial to discuss these problems with your doctor or the medical team.

To be a renal patient does not mean that you cannot experience a satisfying relationship.

In conclusion, your overall physical and psychological adjustment depends entirely upon yourself.


Financial Responsibility

The North West Dialysis Centre strives to provide you with the most affordable quality dialysis. Our highly qualified technologies are dedicated to proven world-class treatment using modern equipment and facilities to ensure peace of mind.

The centre obtains permission from your medical aid before treatment is commenced. All treatments are invoiced on a daily basis and sent directly to your medical aid for payment, but remains your responsibility to ensure that payments are made to the North West Dialysis Centre.

You are therefore responsible for the settlement of your account. As a member of a medical aid it is your responsibility to adjust your medical aid plan yearly, and keep the centre informed so that the correct information appears on your account.

Someone had to die (Poem)

Last night somebody had to the
To give me back my life
Was it someone’s husband?
Perhaps someone’s wife?

I wish I knew about you I don’t even know your name
Were you young or were you old
A stranger you will remain

Nevertheless you gave me a kidney
To make me well once more
While I’m still alive you’ll never be gone
For my health you did restore

I hope we will meet in heaven
We’ll discuss what we’ve both been through
I would personally like to thank you Lord
But especially a big thanks to you

By: Barbara Caprio
Transplant Patient