We believe that the combination of expert health care and compassion leads to a better recovery process.


World class treatment

We use state of the art dialysis technology ensuring our patients of elite and effective medical treatment.


Exceptional Medical Staff

Our medical staff is devoted to their profession and equipped with the best available training in the Dialysis field.


Good Financial Management

We receive approval from your medical aid on an annual basis to ensure that there is less risk of a co-payment.

About us

We create a warm, inviting and homey medical environment

We aim to make the individual feels at ease and assured with the Dialysis treatment that we offer. At the North West Dialysis Centre, we encourage an abundant normal healthy lifestyle. Our experienced and compassionate staff will answer all your questions and provide reassurance.

We understand that comfort in a medical environment will contribute to a swift recovery and aid you on your road to normal living once again.

We offer more than a series of Dialysis treatments, but a safety-net weaved by years of expert experience and kind-hearted and respectful staff.


Our Key Solutions

Helping you maximise your life


After a patient is diagnosed there are some elements of their lives that will change. You might feel overwhelmed at times. We are ready to offer advice on lifestyle changes and possible adaptions.

Comfort of your home

When you are a peritoneal patient, we will give you extensive training to equip you with the knowledge to treat yourself. We will arrange delivery for the machine for your comfort.


We understand that being diagnosed with a chronic disease can take a toll on your emotional as well as your physical health. Therefore, we are eager to share our vast knowledge with you, to ensure that you understand Renal Failure and importantly that you understand that you can still live a normal life.

Passion about our patients

We help our patients in any way that we can and have received numerous compliments about the great atmosphere at our facility. We love helping our patients adjust to the changes that they face and they can rest assured that we will be with them every step of the way.

Satellite Offices

We currently have two satellite offices in the North West, one in Lichtenburg and another in Hartswater where you will receive the same professional care and compassion that is known to North West Dialysis.